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Mission Tickets Pty Ltd was formed in 2017 by Angela Gahan and Jo Michel. The objective of Mission Tickets is to establish an ongoing educational resource for the Australian & Asia-Pacific market. Primarily focusing on Ticketing, Technical & Data resources and innovation. The Australian and Asia-Pacific region have not had access to a conference that provides education on key trends, innovation and new technology from both Local and International suppliers and organisations.

Internationally, there are several conferences that allow mid-level career professionals opportunities to learn from their peers and access information from ancillary organisations and suppliers within the industry. The Mission Tickets objective is to create a similar conference and trade show within the Australian-Asia-Pacific area to provide access and opportunities for key learning and growth. We are extremely please to work with The Australia Council for the Arts in 2018, curating the Ticketing sessions and Product Exhibition for this year’s Marketing, Communications and Ticketing Summit.

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